100 Most Jewish Foods Gift Set with Sticker Book

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Website exclusive bundle: Book, puzzle, memory game, and sticker book.
Celebrate Jewish heritage deliciously with a set including a book, an all-ages memory game, a jigsaw puzzle, and a sticker book featuring the 100 Most Jewish Foods.

The 100 Most Jewish Foods describes not the most popular, most tasty, or even most enduring foodsbut a list of the most significant foods culturally and historically to the Jewish people, explored with essays, recipes, and context. From the editors of Tablet. “Your gift giv­ing prob­lems are now over—just stock up on The 100 Most Jew­ish Foods. . . . The appro­pri­ate gift for any occa­sion.” —Jewish Book Council

Based on the book and featuring photos and illustrations are: The 100 Most Jewish Foods 500-Piece Circular Puzzle, The Most Jewish Foods Memory Game (including 40 illustrated cards, so players can match bagel to bagel, and lox to lox, learning the Hebrew words for each food as they go), and The Jewish Foods Sticker Book, featuring 300 full-color stickers.