365 Stupidest Things Ever Said Page-A-Day Calendar 2022

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A fresh year of idiotic utterances from celebrities, politicians, and athletes.

A hilarious daily gaffe, malapropism, or other face-palm moment, provided by entertainers, athletes, business leaders, politicians, and other prominent people who unfortunately decided to speak their minds. Fraction-challenged golfers (“Half excitement, half relief, and the other half I don’t know”—Phil
Mickelson). Tough-on-crime leaders (“In Sweden, it is forbidden by law to be a criminal.”—Swedish politician Annie Lööf). Plus failures in proofreading (BORIS’S BREXIT OPTIONS AS HE GOES PUBIC AFTER WEEKS IN THE SHADOWS—Daily Mail headline), dumb tourist questions (“Is this island
surrounded on three sides by water or by four?”), and what not to say in court (“Defendant: What was it you told me to say when he asked that?”). Printed on FSC-certified paper and 100% recyclable.