5-Minute Daily Meditations Page-A-Day Calendar 2023

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“A perfect reminder to take a moment (or five) to breathe, sit quietly, or just reflect. . . . Who doesn’t need a reminder now and then?”—Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness
Welcome to a new year of powerful but pithy meditations from Sah D’Simone, trusted spiritual guide, meditation teacher, and author of books such as 5-Minute Daily Mediations and Spiritually Sassy. Pulling from ancient techniques infused with joy, authenticity, and openness, his heart-based healing movement offers a practical and actionable approach to spiritual growth. Identify limiting beliefs, and replace them with the opposite affirmation—a mental antidote. Schedule a date with yourself and learn to truly enjoy your own company. And believe you can make a real difference in the world: “Dear heart, help me see myself in a different way. Help me see the world in a different way.” Printed in Thailand on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable.