A Curious Collection of Wild Companions

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The award-winning, indie-bestselling series returns with 60 cross-species pairs—from sloth and “sloth moth” to kinkajou and balsa tree
Learn which plants and animals can’t live without each other—from the most peculiar pairs in nature! Symbiotic or parasitic, these wild relationships are incredible: A stick insect feasts among Melaleuca plants, a handfish lays eggs on a sea squirt, and more. Packed with fun “did you knows?” from why the Egyptian plover will sit in a crocodile’s mouth, to how wolves and ravens work together, this is the perfect pick to “pair” with Sami Bayly’s previous books—both Indie Bestsellers, Amazon Editors’ Picks in Best Nonfiction for Kids, and Indie Book Awards nominees for Best Children’s Book of the Year.