A Year of Football Trivia! Page-A-Day Calendar 2023

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Pure obsessive fun for the football fanatic—the stats, the amazing plays, the personalities, the shocking Hail Marys, and the most memorable Super Bowl moments. True or False: The Sugar Bowl has always been played in New Orleans. (False: On January 2, 2006, it was moved to Atlanta due to Hurricane Katrina–inflicted damage to the Superdome.) Blowouts, including the New York Giants’ 49-3 rout of the 49ers in the 1987 NFC divisional playoffs. College Ball: Which college has had the most consensus All-Americans? (Notre Dame, with 86.) Plus Immortal Records, League History, Them’s the Rules, and quotes: “I resigned as the Broncos head coach because of illness and fatigue. The fans were sick and tired of me.”—Coach John Ralston. Printed in Thailand on responsibly sourced paper and100% recyclable.