Anatomical Oddities

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A delightful exploration of the less-familiar realms of the human body, unveiling the mysteries etched into our most outlandish organs, tissues, and bones

Every part of the human body has a name—and story. But how familiar are you with your arachnoid mater or your Haversian canals?

Anatomical Oddities is an artistic and linguistic adventure, taking the reader on a journey to discover the hidden landscape of the human body: its crypts and caverns, gorges, islets, and mountains. Along the way, we dip into the history of our relationship with the body and the discoveries that paved the way for modern anatomy and medicine.

Quirky, bizarre, and beautiful, these pages feature original artworks from professor Alice Roberts. The intricate details of the human body, the stories of people who unearthed its secrets, and the meanings of the words we use to describe it are laid bare.