The Language Lover's Puzzle Book

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100 logic and codebreaking puzzles that thrill and tantalize with the beauty, magic, and weirdness of world language
Calling all word lovers: Whether you’re a crossword solver, cryptogram decoder, or Scrabble addict, The Language Lover’s Puzzle Book is guaranteed to bother your brain and twist your tongue. Puzzle master Alex Bellos begins in Japan, where we can observe some curious counting:
boru niko = two balls
tsuna nihon = two ropes
uma nito = two horses
kami nimai = two sheets of paper
ashi gohon = five legs
ringo goko = five apples
sara gomai = five plates
kaba goto = five hippos
Now, how do the Japanese say “nine cucumbers”?
a) kyuri kyuhon
b) kyuri kyuko
c) kyuri kyuhiki
d) kyuri kyuto
Bellos finds the intrigue—and the human element—in a dizzying array of ancient, modern, and even invented tongues, from hieroglyphs to Blissymbolics, Danish to Dothraki. Filled with unusual alphabets, fascinating characters, and intriguing local customs for time-telling, naming children, and more, this is a bravura book of brainteasers and beyond—it’s a globe-trotting, time-traveling celebration of language.