Atlas Obscura Wall Calendar 2018

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At the intersection of compelling content and evocative illustration lies the Atlas Obscura wall calendar: it’s a year of wonder and wanderlust. From the people behind and the New York Times #1 bestselling book comes a calendar that celebrates the thrill of discovery. Explore the world month by month with vintage-style travel posters of 12 strange, wondrous locations: the centuries-old root bridges of Cherrapunji, India, grown from tangled aerial tree roots; the Balls Pyramid of Australia, a barren sea spire in the South Pacific that is home to the world’s rarest insect; and 1,000 feet underground in Naica, Mexico, the Cave of the Crystals, some reaching up to 39 feet. Vibrant colors and a retro mid-century style make these posters instant wall upgrades for any bedroom, classroom, or office. Illustrated by Invisible Creature, the Seattle-based design studio whose clients range from LEGO to NASA.