Audubon Little Shorebirds Mini Wall Calendar 2024

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The next best thing to a walk on the beach: charming shorebirds in a calendar built for small spaces. 
Celebrate the diverse, diminutive avian species that make their homes along the world’s shorelines and waterways. From the experts at the National Audubon Society, Little Shorebirds offers a full-color showcase of shorebirds in their native habitats. There’s a Purple Sandpiper, stepping elegantly through the water. A Killdeer with its distinctive markings. And an American Oystercatcher feeding its chick. The photos are accompanied by the birds’ common and scientific names, plus information about calls, habitat, and range. For bird lovers, it’s a delightful gift that brings a glimpse of nature to lockers, cubicles, and other small spaces. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.