Audubon Songbirds and Other Backyard Birds Picture-A-Day Calendar 2019

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Admire hundreds of spritely, elegant songbirds, photographed in their native habitats. For America’s birders, this 1.2 million copy‒seller provides a thrilling new sighting every day. Spot familiar birds through the seasons: a Pileated Woodpecker in flight on an autumn evening; a White-breasted Nuthatch munching snowy crabapples in January. And arresting bursts of color—from the shocking blue of the Indigo Bunting to the dramatic crimson of a Scarlet Tanager. With knowledgeable text from the Audubon Society, the birdwatching experts: Did you know that most birds have bright plumage in spring and summer, but assume a duller plumage for nonbreeding seasons?