Audubon Songbirds Mini Wall Calendar 2022

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Vibrant, up-close bird sightings in a 7 x 7 mini calendar.

With every glance, a delightful up-close sighting—a Rubycrowned Kinglet chattering from a berry-covered branch. A Rosebreasted Grosbeak with its stunning black, white, and red plumage. A Rufous Whistler surrounded by gorgeous spring flowers. A Spotted Towhee taking a refreshing puddle bath. From the avian experts at Audubon, it’s a celebration of the birds that flit through our yards, adding their color and song to daily life. The full-color photographs are accompanied by informative captions describing voice, habitat, and range. The perfect size to brighten small  spaces, Audubon Songbirds Mini is a cheerful gift for birders and nature lovers. Printed on FSC-certified paper. Every purchase helps support the National Audubon Society.