Be the Dragon

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Introducing an ingenious book that encourages kids to overcome their fears, discover their creativity and passion, and understand and manage their emotions. How, in other words, to be a dragon and recognize their own special magic.

Written for readers ages eight and up,  Be the Dragon promotes social and emotional learning through the wild fun of dragons, creatures that embody enchantment, power, and individuality. It’s a novel way to help build kids’ character and confidence. In each section—Finding Your Roar, Spread Your Wings, Guard Your Treasure, and more—kids will read an engaging, action-packed parable that brings a child’s inner life into focus through the adventures of dragons. These dragons—whimsically illustrated in full color—are not scary or fearsome. They are amiable, charming, and relatable as they tackle their own challenges and find their powers. Each parable is followed by a quiz and three lively activities—or Quests—that reinforce the wisdom of unlocking the reader’s unique powers and discovering courage, compassion, perspective, positivity, reflection, and more.