Beginner's Guide to Growing Cannabis and Making Your Own Healing Remedies

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Cannabis-based products are everywhere and the number of dispensaries is increasing exponentially every month. But the fact remains that not all of these products are equal in terms of quality. It is still the best rule of thumb to know your grower—or grow the plant yourself. As with any plant, food, or herbal remedy—organic, whole-plant, and as close to the source as you can get will yield the best results especially when used for health purposes. This ibeginner-friendly guide written by a herbalist who specializes in every aspect of making and using cannabis medicine teaches how to grow healthy cannabis plants outdoors for personal use, make cannabis medicine, and use it to ease common ailments or alleviate the symptoms of more serious conditions. Color photographs taken in Sweet's own backyard garden show all the growing phases of the plant, and beginnner-friendly instruction covers gardening supplies, techniques, and how to harvest, dry, and cure the plant. Detailed step-by-step instructions with photos will guide the reader through making whole-plant medicine that is potent, safe, and effective for addressing a range of common ailments and chronic conditions.