Bicycling with Butterflies

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A few years ago, outdoor educator and field researcher Sara Dykman decided to do something no one has ever done before—pedal along with monarch butterflies over the entire length of their 10,201-mile migratory journey. She did it alone, on a hand-built bicycle, through three countries.

In Bicycling with Butterflies, Sara recounts her incredible journey and the adventurous ups and downs of her 9-month ride. Readers follow her along through a Midwestern thunderstorm, a field of zombie corn, and multiple trips across the border. Along the way we meet a cast of characters that includes devoted citizen scientists, skeptical dive bar patrons, farmers, and fellow bicyclists. Dykman weaves a tale full of humility and grace, all while sharing the science that underlies the urgency of saving the monarchs and why we all should care.

Bicycling for Butterflies deftly combines memoir, travel story, and popular science. It is a must-read for anyone looking for an uplifting read filled with optimism, energy, and hope.