Big Berry

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There’s nothing more important for kids entering preschool than to be emotionally ready—ready to separate from their parents, to mix and play with new children, to broaden their sense of the world. HAPPYLAND, from award-winning children’s author Dan Yaccarino, is a new series that gives kids, and their parents, the language they need to take these emotional steps.

HAPPYLAND introduces three friends—Bink, Clyde, and Glub-Glub—in a series of delightful adventures. In BIG BERRY, a story about gratitude, Bink follows a butterfly as it flits from one berry-bearing plant to the next. As the berries grow ever larger, Bink’s desire for the biggest berry grows ever stronger—until she grabs the very largest, which is so big it rolls away and disappears. If only she’d been happy with the normal-sized berry.

Dan Yaccarino’s bold, colorful art and simple, direct style lifts these moral stories into the realm of perfectly engaging parables.