Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them!

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Girls, here it is—everything you need to know about boys: 1. Boys come from the Stupid Factory. 2. Boys are pretty much smelly and useless. 3. It is possible to have fun with boys, however..... 4. If you decide to keep a boyfriend, he will need to be housebroken.

With a South Park-for-girls edgy freshness, artist and entrepreneur (David & Goliath clothing) Todd Harris Goldman updates the eternal battle of the sexes. And this time the girls win. Packaged in soft, puffy cover (so if you do keep a boyfriend around the house, he won't hurt himself too much when he tries to figure out what it is by putting it in his mouth), this bright, irreverent book is the perfect girlfriend gift .

No boys were hurt during the making of this book.