Brain Quest Set: Going into 1st Grade

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Get ready for 1st Grade with Brain Quest workbooks and a Q&A deck! Website exclusive 3-book set.

These 2 workbooks and Brain Quest Q&A card deck are just what a child needs to get ready for a successful year in 1st Grade! Start with a summer workbook designed for the summer between Kindergarten and 1st Grade, and move on to a 1st Grade-specific workbook and deck that help students build confidence and practice what they need to know, when they need to know it! Workbooks are jam-packed with curriculum-based exercises (and reward certificates and stickers!), and the interactive Q&A card deck can be played with a friend or a parent.
Aligned with Common Core State Standards and expertly vetted by award-winning teachers, this set is designed to appeal to kids’ natural curiosity, with interactive layouts and easy-to-follow explanations that take the intimidation out of learning. Plus, it’s written to help parents follow along and explain key concepts.
It's fun to be smart with Brain Quest!