Cats on Catnip Wall Calendar 2023

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It’s like every day is “4/20” in this celebration of cats who’ve gotten into the good stuff. Based on photographer Andrew Marttila’s hilarious book and Instagram account, Cats on Catnip features a year of kitties living high and loving it. A shorthaired calico looking more than a little dazed and confused. A ginger cat intent on protecting her stash. A charming tortoiseshell with a glassy stare and catnip-covered nose. And a black-and-white guy taking the edge off with a full-body roll in the herb. The beautiful, full color photographs are rich in detail and showcase a funny, goofy, and altogether unexpected side of the normally dignified cats who grace our lives. It’s a gift that will make every cat lover purr with joy. Printed in the USA on responsibly sourced paper.