Cottage Love Wall Calendar 2023

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An escape to a simpler life with every glance.

Characterized by pastoral countryside scenes, old-fashioned floral textiles, and a return to traditional crafts and skills, cottage core is the aesthetic that took off during the pandemic, showing up in social media with millions of posts, and it continues to inspire a growing legion of fans. And why not? It provides the beautiful fantasy of an escape to a simpler way of life—no matter where you live. The Cottage Love calendar celebrates these ideals with a year of gorgeous, full-color photographs. A quaint thatch-roofed cottage next to a flower-lined canal. A table set for a leisurely lunch in the garden. Nature-themed quotes enhance the romance and sense of wonder: “I had not thought of violets of late, the wild, shy kind that spring beneath your feet, in wistful April days.”—Alice Moore Dunbar- Nelson. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.