Dare to Dream 1,000-Piece Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzles are the new coloring—they slow us down, draw us in, hold our attention and still the noise around us. Now, to meet the need, are two new puzzles from Flow®.

Dare to Dream, from American artist Sarah Walsh, is a playful tribute to the power of the imagination to take us anywhere and everywhere. What is real, beyond the woman and the book? Vibrant, lush, oasis-like, and yet startling—a blue and white zebra, standing right there and staring—it invites us, in the artist’s words, into a place that we shape in our minds: “That which we lack takes the form of visions, so it becomes a bit of a reality. Nothing wrong with that, right? We are free in our heads.” To dare to dream.

Also available: Free to Just Be, a new Flow puzzle from Dutch-Egyptian artist Roeqiya Fris that evokes the Cairo streets of her childhood, where the women would sing while hanging up the laundry in the morning. A work that verges on the abstract, with its patterned fabrics and pink-washed stucco walls, the puzzle invites us piece by piece to feel the breeze and sun of those mornings, to delight in the casual splashes of color, and to sense a city teeming with life and mystery.