Disposable Art School Pink

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There’s something daunting about a blank page. What to do, and where to start? The three Disposable Art School sticky notepads—in colorful neon Pink, Green, and Blue—each feature 100 doodle prompts to get your creativity flowing. Every prompt is unique, designed to boost creative expression, or just provide a totally fun doodling experience. There are prompts from nature, like an ocean wave or a butterfly. Everyday objects: a playful bow tie, a faucet. Even the abstract, to let your imagination soar. Art school is about practicing your skills, and these little doodling pads serve the same purpose, without the pressure. And the pages are disposable—if you don’t love your doodle, toss it; but if you do love it, stick it on your wall or pass to a friend.
    Aspiring artists and office doodlers—of all ages—will reap the benefits of flipping through the pages, picking up a pen or pencil, and doodling to their heart’s content. And think of the fun to be had! Priced the same as sticky notes, they make an inexpensive impulse gift or self-purchase with creative flair. Collect them all!