Do As I Say, Not Who I Did

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Expert-backed sex and dating advice for newly independent college-age women, set against humorous, confessional stories

Entering college marks an exciting—and often confusing—transition into adult independence, especially when it comes to navigating a healthy sex life and building fulfilling relationships. Do As I Say, Not Who I Did is a straightforward, judgment-free guide for young women, with practical advice backed by experts in the field of sexuality.

Ali Drucker lays bare her own hookup missteps and insecurities about sex in order to coach readers through the sticky situations that new independence presents. Plus, she weaves in the stories of over forty young women from colleges all over the country, with advice from sex therapists, OB-GYNs, and more. From consent, to STIs, to balancing relationships and schoolwork, she fills in the gaps that grade-school sex ed left wide open. Mixing candid memoir with current research, Do As I Say is the sex ed book teens and twentysomethings will actually want to read.