Eclipse of Procyon

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"The characters pop off the page. The action is electric. Mark R. Healy is a new voice in sci-fi that's worth keeping an eye on!" - Rhett C. Bruno, author of Titanfall and The Circuit.

The stunning sequel to Dawn of Procyon
The human race is at war.
The ruthless alien war-species, the Argoni, are marshalling a massive force under the surface of Procyon One in preparation for an onslaught that could wipe out every human on the planet.
In the midst of the interstellar conflict, mechanics Landry Stanton and Cait Underwood carry this terrible secret across the barren wasteland with no way of contacting home.
While the same alien armor keeping Landry alive slowly takes over his mind, Landry and Cait will be forced to outwit their alien pursuers in a last ditch attempt to save their own lives and warn the outpost of the impending invasion.