Everything You Need to Ace U.S. History in One Big Fat Notebook, 2nd Edition

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This revised edition of Everything You Need to Ace U.S History in One Big Fat Notebook is the same indispensable resource so many students depend on, updated with new and improved content that thoughtfully explores the most difficult chapters of US history. By providing well-rounded context, decentering Indo-European perspectives, and using language that recognizes the humanity of historical subjects BFN US History will be cutting edge tool for students as education styles shift toward this informed approach to history.

Updates include: 

- New material covering Indigenous history in the US, including sections on Indigenous culture, settler colonialism, the relationship between Indigenous nations and the US government, and the use of preferred names for Indigenous nations.

-Reworked sections on European exploration, colonialism, and US imperialism that include the perspective of colonized nations.

- Reworked sections on slavery that provide context for the role of European nations in the growth of the Atlantic slave trade, the unique system of race-based, chattel slavery developed in the US, the African Diaspora, and use respectful, person centered language ("enslaved person" instead of "slave").

- A new final chapter that covers the current events into the 2020s, including recent elections, presidents, social movements, climate change, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Big Fat Notebook is a first of it's kind series of subject specific study guides that present each subject's most important information in a streamlined and organized format, complimented by humor, mnemonics, maps, and doodles that make learning fun, and help information stick. BFNs meet students at their level and offer the support of a knowledgeable teacher in the form of an approachable peer—the notes of smartest kid in class.