Fat Girls Hiking

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Trails Not Scales!

Fat Girls Hiking is a fat activism, body liberation, and outdoor community founded by Summer Michaud-Skog with the goal of creating a space where fat and marginalized folks can come together to create safer spaces in the outdoors.
Summer Michaud-Skog’s first book, Fat Girls Hiking, has this same goal—to spread the message of inclusivity far and wide and to bring an empowering attitude to the world of hiking and outdoor recreation. It includes hardworking advice on how to hike, what to wear, and how to read a map, along with trail reviews that focus on the most accessible hikes around the country. It is also brimming with heartfelt stories, personal profiles of Fat Girls Hiking community members, and inspirational photography.
Equal parts empowering and practical, Fat Girls Hiking adds an important voice to the conversation about diversity in the outdoors, raising the visibility of hikers who have too long been marginalized.