Grace Rose Farm: Garden Roses

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A complete guide to choosing, growing, and arranging garden roses—from the preeminent rose grower in the U.S., Gracielinda Poulson of Grace Rose Farm.

With over 30,000 heirloom rose bushes, Grace Rose Farm is the rose destination, whether you’re a florist looking for that just-so hue of rose for a high-end wedding, a customer who wants to find a one-of-a-kind bouquet to ship to their mom, one of Poulson’s 25,000 newsletter subscribers looking for tips on growing their own roses, or among the nearly 200,000 followers who swoon over her images on Instagram. The farm, based in Ventura County, California, works with breeders from around the world to bring new rosebushes to American gardeners, and harvests their own spectacular roses for weddings, events, and local flower lovers. They’ve also grown a nationwide online business that delivers roses to customers around the country.
In this book, Poulson shares her incredible breadth of wisdom in a comprehensive guide to growing roses specifically to use as cut flowers. It includes detailed information on the best varieties in every possible hue--ones that can thrive in the home garden and bring gardeners magnificent blooms year after year. She also offers instructions for planting, year-round care, and harvesting, whether you’re growing roses in the ground, in raised beds, or in containers, and in every climate zone; plus styling and arranging tips, including bouquets in simple pitchers and urns as well as more elaborate tablescapes and floral arches.