Granita Magic

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Light, easy, flavor-intense granitas are a great way to begin, refresh, or end any meal. Here's the first book of recipes for this glittering icy treat.

Granita Magic is a collection of innovative sweet and savory sensations that can be made with just a fork, a saucepan, and a little spare space in the freezer. And they can be served at any time of the day. Sauternes granita spooned over fresh peaches is a grand dessert, while cucumber and mint makes an unexpected appetizer. Between courses, red pepper or lemon can refresh the palate. Coffee granita spooned onto a warm brioche is a classic Italian breakfast, while strawberry and champagne is a lovely apertif before brunch.

Accompanying each sparkling recipe are lively and playful designs created by Nadia Roden—an award-winning painter and textile designer as well as an accomplished cook—and inspired by 1950s wallpaper and textile designs and by the ingredients themselves. This charming and original book is a delight to all the senses.