Grow Now

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Help Save the Planet—One Garden at A Time

Our gardens provide beauty, food, and a respite from the world. But they can also become a source of positive environmental change. With Grow Now, Emily Murphy shows home gardeners exactly how to do it. Grow Now is a comprehensive guide to garden-based climate activism. Gardeners will discover detailed information on biodiversity and rewilding; no-dig gardening and composting; growing fruits and vegetables; plants that attract bees and butterflies; lawn alternatives and seed starting; soil health and companion planting; and much more. Helpful sidebars, information-packed lists, simple garden plans, and step-by-step projects round of the book. In short—everything you need to make your garden make a difference.
Climate change is a big, scary topic. But with Grow Now, Emily Murphy has written a hopeful, heartfelt handbook that provides a road map for anyone who wants to grow a healthier planet.