Healthy Easy Mexican

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Food is such an important part of Mexican culture. From baptisms to weddings to wakes, food forms the glue of life that brings us together and binds us as families and friends. Many deep-rooted traditions go along with the ever-so-satisfying food that represents our heritage. And health-conscious lovers of Mexican food want to enjoy these traditions while maintaining a diet that lowers their risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
Enter Healthy Easy Mexican. This book shows that it’s easy to make flavorful Mexican meals that are lower in calories and fat. It contains over 160 healthy, authentic, traditional Mexican foods with few ingredients and practical preparation times—as well as cooking tool guides and lists of nutritious ingredient substitutes.
Healthy Easy Mexican brings the rich heritage of Mexican cooking to a new generation of home cooks eager to discover the pleasures of the healthy Mexican table. In most recipes, the amounts of seasonings and vegetables have been increased to add flavor without too many additional calories. With familiar favorites such as Stuffed Jalapeños, Gazpacho, Chalupas, King Ranch Chicken, Grilled Lemon Fajitas, Nopalito Shakes, Caribbean Rice, and Mango Flan, readers will continue to enjoy
the foods they love, without ever feeling deprived.
These delicious and fun recipes all include nutrient analysis and diabetic food exchanges to help readers achieve their health goals, whether they be losing weight, improving heart health, or living better with diabetes. As the saying goes in Spanish— “Que tus alimentos seyan tus medicinas.” May healthy foods be your foundation for a healthy life.