Historic Tanks Wall Calendar 2018

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Each month, Historic Tanks Calendar features a momentous machine from the critical years of 1939 to 1950, World War II through the start of the Cold War. From the Soviet Union’s T-34/76, with its 76.2 mm high-velocity gun, to the German Panther, renowned for its intimidating firepower and durable armor. From the British Cromwell, famous for its high-speed Rolls-Royce Meteor engine, to the American M26 Pershing, a heavy tank with a 90 mm gun that saw battle in both World War II and the Korean War. Detailed callouts and annotations explore the mechanics of each tank while also providing historical context, dimensions, and design specifications. With full-color art from the noted military experts at Osprey Publishing, it’s a terrific-looking calendar for historians, World of Tanks enthusiasts, and collectors of combat relics.