Hormones and Hot Flashes

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Adapted from The Menopause Book—dubbed “Dr. Spock for aging women” by the North American Menopause Society—HORMONES & HOT FLASHES answers the most-pressing questions women have about hormones, hormone therapy, and the often-unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Grounded in sound science and the latest medical research and vetted by the top experts in the field, the book debunks the many myths and unproven (often dangerous) “treatments” marketed toward women; objectively weighs the risks and benefits of hormone therapy; and discusses how to minimize hot flashes through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes.

All about estrogen, progesterone, and the roles they play in your body;  Is hormone therapy right for you? Age, health, symptoms, and other factors to consider; Hormone supplements versus birth control pills (and yes, today’s low-dose pills are safe for older women); Treatment options for cancer survivors; Hormone therapy and heart disease; Plus, the link between hot flashes and future health, a Hot Flash Emergency Kit, the lowdown on alternative medicine, controlling night sweats, and lots more. All your questions, answered.

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