Hot Stew

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Hot Stew tells the story of an unlikely group of individuals in contemporary London, those from the top echelons of society down to the lowest. All are in some way connected to a Soho building whose mysterious billionaire owner, Agatha, wants to convert it into condos and fancy shops.

The problem is, the building houses a brothel, and Precious and Tabitha, two of the women who live and work there, are not going to go quietly. The fight over this piece of property draws in the men who visit, including Robert, a one-time member of a far-right group; Jackie, a policewoman intent on making London a safer place for all women; and a collection of vagabonds and strays who occupy the basement.

Funny, assured, smart, and ambitious, Hot Stew cuts to the heart of some of the issues roiling society today: questions about property and ownership, wealth and inheritance, gender and power—all in a highly readable package.