How Light Makes Life

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A revelatory journey into the beautifully intricate conversion of light into life, key to every living thing’s survival—and our planet’s future

We think we know photosynthesis: Plants convert of sunlight, CO2, and water into energy and, ultimately, the food we eat and air we breathe. But Raffael Jovine shows how this incredible process goes beyond what we learned in grade school. First, it’s not only about plants: Corals partner with photosynthetic organisms to create the most productive habitat on Earth, slugs eat chloroplasts to create a photosynthesis-based camouflage, hornets use photosynthesis for a very unconventional form of air conditioning—and much more!

Further, photosynthesis can help save the world. Jovine’s groundbreaking blueprint for the future harnesses photosynthesis to repair ecosystems, create jobs, and grow sustainable food. This book will help you to see the many surprising ways we can’t live without this miracle of light—through the photosynthetic pigments in your own eyes!