I Heart Alpacas Mini Wall Calendar 2021

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Introducing a little calendar that’s just chock-full of alpacas!

Shaggy alpacas. Shorn alpacas. Brown alpacas and white alpacas, black ones and multihued ones, too. Though they boast ancient Incan roots, alpacas have garnered a devoted following in the US. They are gentle, soulful, and downright adorable. They make excellent lawn mowers. And did you know they cluck when they are feeling friendly? Each of these portraits captures its subject’s sweet spirit. Alpacas munching on a bit of hay. Alpacas looking contemplative. Alpacas nuzzling other alpacas. Alpacas just trying to see through all that hair. Printed on FSC-certified paper, it's an endearing gift for any animal lover.