I Will Teach You to Be Rich: The Journal

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Ramit Sethi is the personal finance guru whose New York Times<I> bestseller, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, has helped over a million readers get on the path to financial independence through a highly practical six-week program. At the core of his message is the idea of living a rich life—where it’s not just about the dollars but about the meaning, and experiences are as much a priority as what’s in your wallet. As in go ahead and buy as many lattes as you want!
            Now in this companion to the original book, Sethi guides readers in the process of clarifying exactly what a rich life means to them, then shows them how to make it happen. Packed with provocative prompts, lists, and real-world examples, I Will Teach You to Be Rich: The Journal is an interactive, fill-in book whose every page is designed for introspection, dreaming, and creative brainstorming. Sethi shows you how to rewire your money beliefs by questioning the myths and clichés—for example, “Buy, don’t rent”—that might not make sense for you. Learn to design a rich life based on what he calls money dials—categories of spending, like Travel, Convenience, Status, or Self-Improvement—and how to plan accordingly. There are prompts that show you how to be more confident about money and individual challenges to make your rich life a daily reality. Ultimately, you’ll visualize your rich life, one that’s tailored, customized, and unmistakably you. Let the journey begin.