Jimmy Chin Peak Moments Wall Calendar 2024

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Soaring mountain landscapes from the award-winning photographer and film director.
No one sees the natural world quite like Jimmy Chin. Mountaineer, National Geographic photographer, author of the book There and Back, and director of films like Free Solo and Return to Space, he combines an intimate knowledge of mountains with a willingness to go to extremes for the right shot, with an eye that brings the viewer dazzlingly close to being there. Showcasing the vastness and beauty of the extreme wilderness and the adventurers who push themselves to explore it, Jimmy Chin Peak Moments features a dozen soaring landscapes that transport you to another world, right here on Earth—from ominous clouds enveloping Yosemite Valley after a storm to mountaineers trekking along the summit ridge of Mount Everest, to a diver deepwater soloing on the Musandam Peninsula, Oman. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.