Legends of the North Cascades

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Tucked away in a mountain range in the Pacific Northwest, a cave provides refuge for two families centuries apart. 

For Dave, his several tours as a marine in Iraq have left him dissatisfied not only with himself but also with the whole world he has grown up in. When his wife—who had basically given up on the marriage—is killed in an auto wreck, Dave decides to take his seven-year-old daughter, Bella, and move into a cave he has uncovered in the nearby Cascade mountain range. His mother and brother try to talk him out of it, but he is determined, just as Bella is determined to stick with her dad in whatever he wants to do. However, what at first feels like a great adventure gradually turns into a struggle to get by, and then, ultimately, into a struggle to survive.

Running parallel to the story of Dave and Bella is the story of an Ice Age mother and son set adrift from their tribe, and who face a constant struggle, in that same Cascade mountain range, to survive. Dealing with almost unbearable cold and the absence of others whom they might rely on, the mother teaches her son to make shelter and also to hunt, and as he grows into young manhood he gradually becomes her caretaker as she falls more and more into depression.

Written with Jonathan Evison’s effervescent and always engaging prose that invites readers into his story, Legends of the North Cascades is a page-turner that will please his host of fans and is sure to attract many new devotees.