Let's Eat Paris!

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In Let’s Eat Paris!, a follow up to the success of Let’s Eat France! and Let’s Eat Italy!, Parisian lovers and Francophile foodies unite in the most joyful, absolute, fanatic guide to the foods and culinary culture of the world’s most beloved city.

From the same team that created Let’s Eat France! and Let’s Eat Italy!, comes this obsessively complete, energetically designed, love letter of a book, dedicated to the food and culinary culture of Paris—the most romantic and delicious city in the world! Let’s Eat Paris! includes recipes for famous Parisian dishes like the steak frites, Boeuf miroton (a braised beef born from leftovers),Jambon-beurre (a classic street food), and of course pastry favorites like the quintessential Parisian crêpe or the macaron. There’s an exploration on Parisian banquets and some of the great feasts of the city that have marked history, an introduction to the underground brewers that began with Abbey Monks in the nineteenth century and flourished during the revolution, plus answers to questions like where does Paris drinking water come from? Was lemonade born in Paris? And what’s the proper way to order a coffee? Readers can enjoy profiles on culinary legends like Antonin Carême who was beloved by none other than Marie Antoinette, or Édouard Nignon who authored one of the most important culinary works of the 20th century or page through fully illustrated guides like a walking tour of all best places to have a drink in the city, a survey of the classic French bistro chairs which have infiltrated the styles of cafes around the world, and of course a culinary tour of the Eiffel Tower. Fall in love all over again with the Parisian way in Let’s Eat Paris!