Make Your Own Cheese

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If you want cheese that’s one-third the cost and better tasting than your best store-purchased Romano or Parmesan, then this book is for you. Caleb Warnock, the celebrated self-sufficiency master, teaches you how to make seven different cheeses that are delicious, inexpensive, fun, and easy. And best of all, it requires no special equipment—no thermometer, no rennet purchased on the Internet, no acetic acid crystals, not even cheesecloth.

Caleb’s recipe, which he worked for hundreds of hours to create, is available nowhere else. You won’t find a self-reliant, cheese-making method anywhere on the Internet! It’s simple. Once you have practiced the recipe a couple of times, “the cheese practically makes itself.” It costs 30% less than most store-bought cheese and 80% less than Romano and Parmesan! Its fresh taste is unbeatable.

It’s fun. And it’s the only cheese recipe in the world that begins with a shovel!