Making Space

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Boundaries and self-care go hand in hand; you can’t have one without the other. We understand the importance of self-care, but how do we protect the space within which we do it?
When we have healthy boundaries, we create a space between us and all else, where we feel safe, clear, and confident in who we are and what we want and need. Our boundaries—the limits we place on what we will and won’t tolerate—define our routines, habits, choices, parenting, jobs, relationships; everything. And there’s nothing more important for our self-care.
In this practical guide, Jayne Hardy—founder and CEO of The Blurt Foundation—helps us explore our existing boundaries (the ones that work for us, and the ones that work against us) and guides us in creating new boundaries that protect our physical, mental, emotional, and digital spaces.
Packed with friendly advice, the latest research, and easy journaling exercises to help you reflect on your own experiences, Making Space is for anyone who feels overwhelmed, disconnected, or walked-on by life, and wants to make a change in an ever-encroaching world.