Maxine's Critters Get the Vaccine Jitters

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A shot can be a little frightening—but it’s quick, as quick as lightning!
When Maxine tells her pets, “Let’s get to the vet!”
Scott does not want a shot.
Jervis is nervous, Franky is cranky, Biffy is iffy, and Cary is wary.
Can Maxine help her critters get over their jitters . . . ?

Perfect for any child afraid of shots or needles, this rhyming book in free meter is a “must-read-aloud”! Spunky Maxine takes charge of her vaccine fears with a playful game of pretend: Her adorable stuffed animals are the patients, and Dad steps in as the “vet.”

Just in time for the kids’ covid vaccine—and relevant to any pediatric shot—Maxine’s Critters Get the Vaccine Jitters will delight children ages 5 and under who face this understandable fear. No need to be grouchy about this little ouchy!