Micro Activism

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In this age of activism, many people who aren't cut out to be leaders or protest marchers are left wondering, "How can I make an impact?" In Micro Activism, political consultant and life coach Omkari Williams shares her expertise in empowering introverts and highly sensitive people to help others find the activist roles that will be most satisfying and effective for them. Using Williams's Activist Archetype tool, readers discover their unique strengths and use this to develop a personal activism vision and game plan for making a difference. To ensure sustainable involvement, Williams encourages starting small, working collaboratively, and beginning locally. Advice on self-care practices, burn-out prevention, and profiles of activists engaged in a range of activities and causes (from voter registration to craftivism, literacy programs, community gardens, and more) provide readers with the inspiration and practical know-how needed to engage in and commit to small, doable actions that will make a big impact in the long-term.