More Than Cake

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From her award-nominated work at Altro Paradiso and Flora Bar to her powerful community bake sales that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Planned Parenthood, Natasha Pickowicz is one of the most important bakers working today. Her creations are unique and whimsical but never fussy (she taught the New York Times how to make chocolate mousse in a blender); her flavors take baked goods beyond the ordinary. Pickowicz’s first cookbook includes her singular recipes, reflecting her Chinese heritage, California childhood, and community bake sale experience. From Red Bean and Brown Butter Pie to Scallion Pancake Biscuits and from Black Sesame Fortune Cookies to Sour Glaze Maple Gingerbread, she shares 100 recipes punctuated with enlightening pop-out tips. The book provides readers with even more ways to delight and honor others, no matter how big or small the occasion: from baking for your partner or for your entire office, from once-in-a-lifetime celebrations to more ordinary, small moments. The modern layer cake chapter with cakes, soaks, fillings, and frostings shows readers Pickowicz’s favorite ways make a celebration cake. The essay on how to hold a successful bake sale includes recipes and best practices so bakers can share the love with Malted Cocoa Fudge or Toasted Vanilla Bean Pound Cake.