My Big Dinosaurs Set

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Website exclusive book-and-puzzle set.

Kids ages 2 to 5 are the storytellers with Wimmelbooks and Wimmelpuzzless, for hours of seek-and-find hands-on learning—and fun! The magic of Wimmelbooks and Wimmelpuzzles is that they're packed with detail and a unique cast of characters is hidden in plain sight on every page; as each character’s storyline unfolds, it’s up to kids to interpret the scenes and create stories they think fit. 

My Big WimmelbookDinosaurs is a blast from the past—the Mesozoic Era, to be exact! Follow a cast of dino-kids, from the famous Tyrannosaurus to the curious Triceratops, ras they go about their day swimming, flying, and stampeding through the dense jungle, by the seaside, up a bustling river, and more! Every page is bursting with life—and tons to discover!  

My Big WimmelpuzzleDinosaurs is a puzzle, an adventure in hands-on learning, a and literacy building tool—all in one! Featuring:
  • 48 easy-clean, easy-grasp pieces
  • Finished puzzle measures 3 x 2 feet
  • Meets CPSIA and ASTM F963 safety requirements
  • Printed with non-toxic ink