My Perfectly Imperfect Life Wall Calendar 2020

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Because life is messy (and that's a good thing!).

Why appreciate and celebrate the ups and downs we experience every day, all year? Because prioritizing joyful, small moments leads to greater long-term happiness than seeking out Instagrammable, flawlessly curated ones. My Perfectly Imperfect Life is the calendar that toasts to a year of quiet delights, and sweetly simple, perfectly imperfect experiences: a solo stroll without your smartphone. Friday night in with a good book and a cozy chair. The ease of tossing your hair up in a messy bun and not even caring how it looks. Every month, colorful and whimsical illustrations—of plants, of young women in stylish, quirky clothes, of cats—are paired with inspiring quotes and prompts about leading the life you want.

Includes 12 illustrated postcards and a sheet of stickers.

From the editors of Flow magazine, which celebrates creativity, mindfulness, and life's small pleasures.