Number Jugglers: Math Game Book & Math Game Cards

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Developed by learning specialist Ruth Bell Alexander, Number Jugglers: Math Game Book & Math Game Cards is the innovative game that the whole family can play to encourage children to think with numbers, and have great time doing it. Combining a custom-designed deck of 86 number cards with a full-color book of 20 games, Number Jugglers uses the author's unique equation approach to teach fundamental math concepts. The games are open-ended; can be played alone, in a group, or in teams; and, best of all, are adaptable for all ages of children, from kindergartners learning to count to middle schoolers on the verge of algebra. There are no right answers, just as there are no barriers to start playing. Instead, the games tap into every child's intuitive understanding of how numbers relate to one another, and build on this innate knowledge to develop more and more confidence, problem-solving skill, and creativity.

67,000 copies in print.