Nursery Earth

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An astonishing safari of infant animals—from baby kangaroos to flamingos to squid—and the essential role they play in Earth’s ecosystems

Nursery Earth shines a spotlight on the world’s baby animals, asking us to turn back the clock on our favorite creatures—and explore how they develop on a level never before seen! Biologist Danna Staaf takes us on a quest seeking out the most fascinating (and sometimes most bizarre) babies, including the elusive newborn Humboldt squid in the Gulf of California, the unusual yet adorable juvenile echidna “puggle,” the baby moth that looks and acts like a venomous snake, and the bug with the grandest entrance in the animal kingdom—the periodical cicada, which cyclically inundates the East Coast. Staaf shows us how important young animals are to the ecosystems they inhabit, not least because of their abundance: At any given moment, most animals in the natural world are babies!

Nursery Earth achieves something improbable, helping us appreciate and love Earth’s baby animals even more than we already do!