On Fragile Waves

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Firuzeh and her brother Nour are children of war. Born in Afghanistan, they have seen fire fall from the sky for most of their lives. In the hope of escaping the endless cycle of violence, their parents—their Atay, Omid, and their Abay, Bahar—decide to leave the land of their ancestors in search of a safe place to call home.

As the family undertakes its dangerous journey—first by land, then by sea, through Indonesia and Nauru and finally Australia—they must rely on strangers, kind, tired, and mercenary; find friends and lose them; and stumble through travel and living circumstances ranging from barely survivable to just good enough. Tragedy will strike and strike again.

When they reach their final destination, it is far from a stable shore. Financial and emotional travails continue and Firuzeh must navigate the treacherous currents of a culture uncomprehending of her or her family. Sometimes the temptation to let go of reality for a minute is too strong to resist; but somewhere in these murky spaces, a brave young girl will find the strength to forge a new way of life.