Original Sloths Mini Wall Calendar 2021

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People just can’t get enough of sloths and their chilled-out, unhurried ways.

Here they are munching tasty hibiscus flowers. Hanging upside down. Cuddling with their friends. All the while showing off those inscrutable (and adorable) Mona Lisa smiles. Our top-selling mini wall calendar, The Original Sloths features 12 full-color portraits of these mellow creatures living their best sloth life in a Costa Rica sanctuary. The small format not only increases the cuteness quotient, but enables animal lovers to hang the calendar in compact spaces like lockers, cubicles, and on the fridge. Includes sloth facts and tips: They may look snuggly, but if you ever meet a sloth in real life, look but don’t hug. Printed on FSC-certified paper.