Outsmart Your Pain

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Radically clear, evidence-based mental strategies to relieve chronic pain

Pain can be overwhelming. We tend to lump everything related to it—stressful thoughts, negative emotions, distracting sensations—into one big, unwieldy box that we struggle to carry all day. But what if we could put down this box, unpack it, and tackle the contents one by one? Outsmart Your Pain is Dr. Christiane Wolf’s transformative guide to finding relief with mindfulness. Easy, guided meditations reinforce each helpful strategy, including:
  • rewriting the “pain story” you tell yourself
  • practicing loving acceptance of your body as it is
  • mindfully working through negative emotions
  • strengthening your inner and outer support systems.
By changing our brains little by little, day by day, we can leave behind the burden of our pain—and once we do, we’ll live fuller, freer, and more joyful lives.